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Motor Vehicle  Accident Massage (MVA)

If you are in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), your doctor may prescribe massage as a part of your treatment plan. Massage can address the stress that goes with a traumatic event like a car accident. It can also help to speed up the recovery process of injuries common in a MVA. 

  MVA Claims

After a motor vehicle accident, you may be covered for 10 or 21 pre-authorized treatments with permitted practitioners, depending on the injuries. Massage therapy must be directed by your primary health care practitioner, documented on the Treatment Plan Form (AB-2) and approved by your insurance company. Your massage therapist will need a copy of the AB-2. 

Prior to your first treatment your massage therapist will do a full assessment and will need detailed information of the accident and your injuries. Other information we will require prior to your first treatment:

  - Name of insurance company
  - Claim Number
  - Date of injury
  - Adjuster's name and contact information

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for MVA Injuries:

Massage therapy helps to stimulate tissue healing, reduce muscle spasms and associated pain and stiffness. It can also help to manage stress, anxiety and PTSD associated with a MVA. Some other symptoms that massage therapy can help with are: 

  - Whiplash
  - Headache and migraine
  - Neck pain
  - Muscle tension
  - Joint pain 

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